Tenzushi Kyomachi

Dinner at Tenzushi Kyomachi


High-end sushi was something I really wanted to try during my trip in Japan. In the previous Japan trips, I’ve only had sushi in Monbetsu and Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto.

I went on to do more research about how to go around getting reservation in these elusive places. As a foreigner, it’s quite difficult in many places. I was lucky that Tableall pinged me about availability opening in Tenzushi Kyomachi on the week when I’m in Fukuoka just 2 weeks before I leave for my trip!

I was nervous about paying 59,500 Yen for dinner, especially since I’ve already booked Sushi Sakai. Still, I’ve read beforehand that Tenzushi Kyomachi is truly one of the best places you can get sushi in Japan, with their own unique Kyushu-style sushi! Along with greatly favorable USD/JPY exchange rate, I felt at the moment, that it was now or never, so I pulled the trigger and booked a reservation.

When the day of the reservation came, I took an hour train ride from Fukuoka to Kitakyushu where Tenzushi resides in for an early dinner at 5:30 PM.

Tenzushi Kyomachi Entrance
Tenzushi Kyomachi Entrance
Tenzushi Kyomachi
Tenzushi Kyomachi
Tenzushi Kyomachi
Tenzushi Kyomachi

It’s awarded Tabelog Gold for 8 years straight! Tabelog is my go-to source when it comes to finding good food in Japan.

Tenzushi Kyomachi Tabelog Gold Awards
Tenzushi Kyomachi Tabelog Gold Awards
Tenzushi Kyomachi Counter
Tenzushi Kyomachi Counter

There’s only 6 seats at the counter, and once everyone’s seated, Chef Isao Amano-san wasted no time to get started.

The counter also has a built-in small waterfall where you can rinse your hand in between pieces!

Tenzushi Kyomachi Table
Tenzushi Kyomachi Table



Started off with toro pieces which is very unusual since they tend to be served later in other sushi-ya.

Dish #1 Toro
Dish #2 Otoro

The most beautiful squid I’ve seen! The signature of Tenzushi. This is the introduction to Kyushu-mae sushi where it adds ingredients on top of the neta and sprinkling citrus juice at the end. Sushi by addition is what Amano-san described it.

Ika (Neon Flying Squid)
Dish #3 Ika (Neon Flying Squid)
Ebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn)
Dish#4 Ebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn)
Dish #5 Saba (vinegared mackerel)

The house special sauce reminds me of kecap manis, Indonesian sweet soy sauce.

Dish #6 Hotate (scallop with house special sauce)
Hirame (flounder)
Dish #7 Hirame (flounder)
Tachiuo (grilled belt fish with plum sauce)
Dish #8 Tachiuo (grilled belt fish with yuzu pepper & plum sauce)
Dish #9 Chutoro-zuke
Kuzu (whiting)
Dish #10 Kuzu (whiting)
Hokkaido uni
Dish #11 Hokkaido uni
Dish #12 Bonito

The turban shell clam is the firmest piece of the bunch, and if I have to pick a least favorite, it’d unfortunately has to be this one.

Sazae Turban Shell Clam
Dish #13 Sazae Turban Shell Clam
Prawn Head
Dish #14 Prawn Head
Red sea bream with liver
Dish #15 Red sea bream with liver
Anago (eel with house special sauce)
Dish #16 Anago (eel with house special sauce)

Lots of crunch in one with the hand roll!

Tuna roll with sea grapes
Dish #17 Tuna roll with sea grapes
Dish #18 Tamago
Musk melon
Dish #19 Musk melon


Service & Vibes

The vibe in Tenzushi Kyomachi is a lot more casual than I thought. The head chef, Isao Amano-san, likes to joke around and speak decent English too. He’s quite humble as well, remaking that his number 1 popular item is the cucumber slices, which worked so well as a palate cleanser and a lot easier on my stomach compared to ginger. Though, ginger slices are still available here. I was the one who consumed the most cucumbers during my dining session.

There’s no alcohol served here which is good for me since I don’t like drinking. Hot tea gets refilled constantly.



I’ve experienced truly the best sushi in my life in Tenzushi Kyomachi. I’m grateful that I was lucky enough to try it and admire Amano-san’s work. It would be quite difficult for me to return, but am just glad that I got to experience it once.

My personal highlights were: ika, hotate, uni, & tachiuo.

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