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Review: IGA Lounge & Sleepod at Istanbul Airport (IST)


I’ve checked out the IGA Lounge & Sleepod during my 7-hour layover from Turkey to Azerbaijan to make the long wait more bearable. Both the IGA Lounge & Sleepod can be accessed with Priority Pass, and they’re the only options in Istanbul Airport (IST).


IGA Lounge

Starting with the IGA Lounge, it’s located in IST’s International Terminal’s Mezannine Floor where there are restaurants and fashion brands stores. You can simply follow the airport signs to navigate where to get to the IGA Lounge. From there, you’ll take the elevator to upstairs where you’ll see the neighboring SkyTeam Lounge.

IGA Lounge
Front of the IGA Lounge

How to Enter

You may enter the IGA Lounge with a day pass that will cost you 50 Euro for 1 adult, 25 Euro for a child. However, access to the lounge is free (along with an extra guest) with a Priority Pass Select card that I receive from my American Express Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card. Priority Pass is the default go-to for many of the airport lounge access across the globe. The maximum amount you can stay in the lounge through Priority Pass is 3 hours, and you must present an upcoming flight ticket.

Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant
Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant includes a Priority Pass Select for access to many airport lounges.

Inside the Lounge

The lounge is very spacious and consists of a duty-free shop on the entryway. While I was there, they still had Halloween decorations on even though it was late November already. Wi-Fi password is given on entry and is unlimited compared to the Wi-Fi down at the airport, which just limits you to 1 hour before you have to pay to extend. This is a big plus of having lounge access in Istanbul Airport.

IGA Lounge Front
IGA Lounge Entry/exitway
IGA Lounge Halloween
IGA Lounge Halloween Decoration
IGA Lounge Cafe
IGA Lounge Cafe

The cafe is located right after the entryway. During the COVID times, you can still help yourself with small platters of cold food, drinks including water, soft drinks, juice, and coffee.

IGA Lounge Food

The food was better than I expected actually. I certainly like it better than some of the lounge food I’ve visited in the past.

IGA Lounge Bar
IGA Lounge Bar

There’s a bar at the end of the lounge with more seating spaces. Bathroom, along with prayer room, is to the left of it that goes through the main seating area.

IGA Lounge
IGA Lounge View overlooking Mezzanine Floor
IGA Lounge Seating Area
IGA Lounge Seating Area overlooking the Mezzanine Floor
IGA Lounge Outer Seating Area
IGA Lounge Outer Seating Area

There are daybeds at the outer seating area, but they were all fully occupied, so I couldn’t take a picture. Overall, I enjoy the wooden finish with plant decors that’s present at the lounge, and there are plenty of space to sit and relax on.


IGA Sleepod

Next stop, I checked out the IGA Sleepod, which just like the name suggests, is a room of private sleep pods for airline passengers to get some sleep in before their next flight. It’s not a part of the IGA Lounge, so you must exit the lounge. Beware that you won’t be able to return back to the lounge again when you decide to leave.

The IGA Sleepod is still located in the International Terminal in one of the Departure Terminals. Airport signs will guide you to it.

IGA Sleepod Front
Front of IGA Sleepod

How to Use the IGA Sleepod

If you have Priority Pass, you can use the Sleepod for 3 consecutive hours maximum. Since the Sleepod is separate from the IGA Lounge, you can use your Priority Pass for both! If you don’t have Priority Pass, you can pay by the hour ranging from 6-9 Euro per hour. Additionally, you can request for more pillows and blankets for 2 Euros each.


The Sleep Pods

IGA Sleepod
Sleep Pods

The sleep pod was spacious enough where I didn’t feel cramped. I estimated that it should be fine for even tall people. I’m 5’5″ for reference. There’s an electrical outlet for you to charge your phone.

IGA Sleepod Bed
Sleepod Bed
IGA Sleepod Compartment
Sleepod Compartment

There’s a compartment underneath the bed where you can put your personal belongings in. It looks spacious enough to fit a carry-on and your shoes.


My Thoughts on the Sleepod

I think the concept is nice, and it seems helpful at an airport setting. The issue is, I’m a bit of a light sleeper, so I wasn’t able to get a good rest because I can still hear noises from outside like the PSA, footsteps, and carts. Instead, I spent most of my time laying around with my phone. The unfortunate thing was that I forgot that Wi-Fi on the general airport area has a time limit, and the Sleepod does not provide free Wi-Fi (understandably). To me, it felt like a gimmick. But, if you do need darkness to help you sleep, and you wouldn’t be bothered by noise, the Sleepod could help you get a decent rest.



The IGA Lounge & Sleepod are the two rest areas you can access with Priority Pass at 3 hours maximum each. These places are decent if you don’t have access to the Business Class Lounge in IST, which I’m looking forward to try soon! However, this will likely not be my one and only visit to the IGA Lounge as my next trips will have me be in Istanbul again in the future.


Overall Rating

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