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Global List: St. Regis Marriott Bonvoy 50K Free Night Certificate Redemptions


50K Free Night Certificates can be earned through promotional signup bonus that often comes up on either the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless and Amex Marriott Bonvoy Business Card in the counts of 3-5x. You could also earn them by spending $15,000 in a calendar year with the Marriott Bonvoy Bevy or Bountiful.

After figuring out Marriott’s secret category assignment, the 50K Free Night Certificates require much more consideration than the 35K Free Night Certificates due to the nature in how they’re usually acquired (through signup bonus).

9C (StR/RC Maldives)70,000164,000
RC Reserve Zadun (Cat 11)131,000212,000
RC Reserve Dorado Beach (Cat 12)170,000254,000
Nujuma, RC Reserve (Cat 12)163,000299,500

Disappointingly enough, the potential of the 50K FNC is massively similar to 35K FNC mostly due to the max allowed 15K points topup that’s not enough to even guarantee some Category 5 hotels, let alone Category 6. It’s important to recognize that before taking advantage of the 50K certificate signup bonuses.

Below is a chart that displays the difference between 35K and 50K FNC’s.

Category35K FNC50K FNC
4Guaranteed; topups may be neededGuaranteed without topups
5Good chances with topupGreat chances with topups; guaranteed at some hotels, but some Cat 5's may charge up to 69K points
6Requires planning and/or going off-peak seasonsBetter chances, but still require planning
7Miniscule even with max 15K points topup at very few Cat 7 hotelsRequires planning and/or going off-peak seasons
8N/AMiniscule at few properties

In turn, most of this list will overlap with the 35K FNC redemption list for St. Regis hotels. But, the 50K certs do unlock the potential for Category 7 and even a few Category 8 hotels. However, they do require you to plan your trip around the redemption!

Some notable additions to the St. Regis list for potential 50K certs redemption are located in Canada, Japan, and more options within the United States and UAE.



  • St. Regis Toronto (Cat 7)



  • St. Regis Beijing (Cat 5)
  • St. Regis Changsha (Cat 5)
  • St. Regis Chengdu (Cat 5)
  • St. Regis Lhasa Resort [Tibet] (Cat 5)
  • St. Regis Macao (Cat 6)
  • St. Regis Qingdao (Cat 6)
  • St. Regis Shanghai Jingan (Cat 5)
  • St. Regis Shenzhen (Cat 5)
  • St. Regis Tianjin (Cat 3)!!
  • St. Regis Zhuhai (Cat 6)



  • St. Regis Cairo (Cat 5)
  • St. Regis Almasa Hotel, Cairo (Cat 5)



  • St. Regis Mumbai (Cat 5)



  • St. Regis Jakarta (Cat 4)



  • St. Regis Osaka (Cat 7)



  • St. Regis Amman (Cat 6)




  • St. Regis Kuwait (Cat 6)



  • St. Regis Kuala Lumpur (Cat 5)
  • St. Regis Langkawi (Cat 6)



  • St. Regis Mexico City (Cat 6)



  • St. Regis Al Mouj Muscat Resort (Cat 6)




Saudi Arabia

  • St. Regis Riyadh (Cat 6)



  • St. Regis Belgrade (Cat 4)



  • St. Regis Singapore (Cat 6)


  • St. Regis Bangkok (Cat 5)



  • St. Regis Istanbul (Cat 6)


United Arab Emirates

  • St. Regis Abu Dhabi (Cat 6)
  • St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi (Cat 7)
  • St. Regis Dubai, The Palm (Cat 7)


United States

  • St. Regis Houston (Cat 6)
  • St. Regis Atlanta (Cat 7)
  • St. Regis Chicago (Cat 7)
  • St. Regis Washington D.C. (Cat 7)



50K Free Night Certificates isn’t that much better than 35K Free Night Certificates in general. But, they do offer new options in popular destinations like Canada and Japan for the St. Regis brand. Options within the United States and UAE are increased by a few as well.

Make sure to look at this list first before taking advantage of 50K FNC credit card offers to know which hotels around the world you can potentially book along with up to 15K points topup.

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