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Ways to Get Free Breakfast at Ritz-Carlton Hotels


Ritz-Carlton is one of Marriott‘s luxury brands that do not offer free breakfast even to their high-tier elite members (Platinum, Titanium, & Ambassador Elite). While not conventional, there are still a few ways you can try in order to get free breakfast at Ritz-Carlton hotels.


Book Ritz-Carlton Hotels through Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts

Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts is one way to get free breakfast at Ritz-Carlton properties even if you’re Marriott Silver or Gold Elite, or not have any status with Marriott at all! Booking through Amex FHR allows you to earn Marriott points plus elite nights, and use your elite status benefits after inputting your Marriott member ID during the booking process. You are however, limited to Amex cards only while charging incidentals during check-in to qualify for Amex FHR rate.

Keep in mind that not all Ritz-Carltons are participating in Amex FHR program, but they do have footprint in well-known places. I booked The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco through Amex FHR to get extra benefits, including free breakfast.

The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco Parallel 37 Butter Pancakes
The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco Parallel 37 Butter Pancakes


Book Ritz-Carlton Hotels through Marriott STARS

Marriott STARS is a travel advisor program that focuses on Marriott’s luxury brands which can enhance your stay through added benefits similar to Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts. Benefits will apply regardless of your Marriot status as well. Marriott STARS is also a qualifying rate that will let you earn Marriott points plus elite nights, and use your elite status benefits as well.

One advantage that Marriott STARS have over Amex FHR is that the footprint is much larger for Ritz-Carlton and Marriott’s other luxury brands. One example would be The Ritz-Carlton Almaty which does not participate in Amex FHR, but is available under Marriott STARS.

You’re also free to use whichever credit card you want, which can be handy when you try to spend towards a signup bonus on a non-Amex card, especially on cards like the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless.

Newly opened hotels may take some time to be available in Marriott STARS, like with what I observed with Ritz-Carlton Fukuoka a few months after its opening.


AAA May Offer Special Deals including Breakfast

AAA rates may sometimes offer free breakfast on Marriott hotels including Ritz-Carlton. While rare, the opportunity can present good value when it appears. Ritz-Carlton Budapest often offers AAA rate with breakfast that’s often cheaper than the standard rate with similar cancellation policy. The rate can even cover breakfast for 3 people!

Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City AAA Free Breakfast Rate
Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City AAA Free Breakfast Rate


Check Special Packages Tab

Sometimes, a hotel may offer a special package rate that includes free breakfast. Most of the time when they offer this, they could be just slightly more expensive than the standard flexible rate. But, there could also be times where it’s cheaper and just as flexible as the standard rate. Ritz-Carlton Astana in Kazakhstan tend to have special weekend rates where free breakfast is offered, plus 3pm late checkout, while being cheaper than the standard rate!

Ritz-Carlton, Astana Weekend Rate Stay
Ritz-Carlton, Astana Weekend Rate Stay offers free breakfast, plus 3 pm late checkout


Ritz-Carlton Card Club Certificate Upgrades

The Ritz-Carlton Card from Chase will get you yearly club upgrade certificates. One certificate can be valid for up to 7-night stay. Unfortunately, it’s not applicable to points booking and you must pay a special cash rate that tends to be more expensive than the standard rate.

If you do want to use the Club Upgrade certificate, you’ll have to prepare to splurge on some cash. While a club lounge access won’t get you free breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, the club lounge will typically offer meals, snacks, and drinks throughout the day. Whether that’s worth your money or not will depend on you. I personally think this is not a good option just to get “free breakfast”, but there could be some niche value to these Club Upgrade certificates at certain properties.


Book Few Ritz-Carlton Hotels that Offer Free Breakfast to Elite Members

Very few Ritz-Carlton falls under the exception on not giving free breakfast to elite members. For example, Ritz-Carlton Kyoto gives free breakfast to Marriott Bonvoy Platinum and higher. Ritz-Carlton Tokyo gives free breakfast to Marriott Bonvoy Titanium & Ambassador.

Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo Japanese Breakfast Set
Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo Japanese Breakfast Set

Few Ritz-Carlton Reserve properties also give free breakfast regardless of status, like Mandapa and Phulay Bay. EDITION also have one property that’s the exception in Bodrum, Türkiye. While EDITION isn’t really a Ritz-Carlton, their elite member benefits are very similar to Ritz-Carlton.

While this answer may not be what you’re looking for, it’s still good to know that there are exceptions out there even though there are so few.



Even though Ritz-Carlton don’t typically give free breakfast to even Marriott’s most loyal customers, there are still a few ways to get them, mainly through luxury travel programs like Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts and Marriott STARS. You can also keep a lookout on special packages and AAA rates which can give better value for your money when the opportunities present themselves. There are also very few exceptions that give better elite treatments like the few Ritz-Carltons in Japan, which I hope other Ritz-Carltons will follow suit in the near future.

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